Access Opportunities


By its very nature, the technology landscape is changing rapidly: every technology developed today becomes a building-block for the technological advancements of tomorrow. Having access to frontier investments requires constant immersion in the vast technology ecosystem.

We stay immersed by remaining closely connected with our alma mater, including world-leading institutions for technological advancement and economic impact such as MIT and Stanford. We regularly co-invest with leading Venture Capital & Private Equity firms, and stay closely connected with their investment activities to this end. By virtue of our strong reputation among technology entrepreneurs for creating strategic value from long-term support, we receive round allocations in leading companies where other investors cannot.

Analysis & Diligence


In order to understand any company in enough depth to feel confident in making an investment decision, one must be experienced - at minimum - in performing general business analysis. To understand companies that invent and own advanced technologies, one must also possess a deep knowledge of relevant technical fields and be skilled in the craft of intellectual property.

In addition to performing traditional analysis & diligence, we ensure that technologies really work as claimed by the company, are deployable at scale, and are well-protected against infringement. Functional validation, scalability and protection are the cornerstones of economic value in technology companies: we ensure that none of them fall short, and that they are married with a business model that can realize their value potential.

Portfolio Support


High-growth companies must be nurtured and challenged beyond investment in order to give them the greatest chance of success. This requires supporting go-to-market strategy and execution, further R&D, intellectual property development, securing aligned follow-on capital, facilitating key relationships for business development and hiring, introducing potential acquirers and exit planning.

We provide all such support to our portfolio companies, drawing from our world-class advisory board where necessary to ensure the most qualified expertise is applied to navigate every crucial moment of a company’s growth.