Strategic Investors

Over 50 global family offices and other private investors trust in Capella as their partner for technology investments. With over $250B of assets among our client-base, we are able to support groundbreaking technologies at any stage of growth. Our network of investors is ever-expanding and every single one is aligned with our mission, focused on technologies and problems they care about.

Our clients have proven to be powerful partners for our portfolio companies time and time again, removing key risks for our portfolio companies the moment they invest. Our clients have helped portfolio companies rapidly refine their technologies and business models through rigorous pilot testing and vast industry knowledge and experience.

While our clients do care about the performance of their technology investments through Capella, they also care deeply about the technologies they are investing in, how they will disrupt their respective industries, and how they can implement technologies at commercial scale within their operating companies.

Our clients own and operate major companies in many industries

Our business model aligns interests between us, our companies, and our investors

Partnership Approach

We learn our investors' strategic interests before recommending investments

Match opportunities to our investors' needs and investment goals

Investors retain full control of their capital, investing on a per-deal-basis


Co-investment Model

We co-invest alongside our investors so we can share in the upside

Our success is tied to the success of our investors & companies - we are not simply brokers

Capella supports companies together with investors for full alignment of interests